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Breakfast Summit
Healthcare in the Trump Era

February 21st, 2017 – 

Representative Jared Huffman
Protecting the healthcare needs and voices of our community.


Luke Tharasri, SWMC CEO
Responding to critical health needs through SWMC hospital.


Dr. Ed Bauman, Health Expert
Advocating for cost-effective integrative health solutions.


Robb Layne from Partnership Health Care Speaks:

Q&A First Half

Q&A Second Half

Distinguished Lecture Series Wednesday April 26, 5:30 pm 

Traumatic Brain Injury Dr. Carlisle Holland

This talk explores brain injury, pathophysiology, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of head injured patients and nutrition. Adjunctive therapies for brain injury will also be discussed.
Dr. Holland is an internationally recognized authority on the use of osteopathic manipulation in the treatment of children as well as treatment of injuries to the head, nervous system and musculoskeletal system, and has over thirty years of clinical experience treating neurological disorders and complex medical conditions. He believes that the correct goal of health care is to provide the necessary tools and services for individuals to advance their knowledge of their body and express their highest potential of personal health.

    Seating is Limited!    Suggested Donation $10

To RSVP please click here

Sonoma West Medical Center Conference Room

Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign for New Hospital Equipment has been launched! You can apply your donations to a specific piece of state-of-the-art medical equipment, or you can choose to donate to the general equipment fund. All donations will be secured in an account to be used only for purchasing or leasing medical equipment for the hospital.  Click the links below for videos on the Capital Campaign.

  “How’s the Hospital Doing?”  https://youtu.be/3B9lehGrIXw
 Equipment Needed  https://youtu.be/2JwqoWnRs-8                                             


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