Capital Campaign

About the Capital Campaign

Blessings to you and your family at this holiday season. Thanks to you, Sonoma West Medical Center is open 24/7 and saving lives every day. A grateful patient recently wrote us saying:

Thank you for saving my life. I realize it was a team effort and would appreciate your extending my thanks to everyone that worked on my behalf. I am extremely glad that the hospital has re-opened.

Your previous gifts have been joined by hundreds of others and have provided the money to refurbish, upgrade and open the hospital, which is now a shining jewel serving our entire community.

With the hospital open for over a year, our focus now is to upgrade medical equipment. We invite you to participate in our Capital Campaign that will assure our medical equipment is state of the art.  Included is the list of capital equipment items we need to fund by the end of 2016. Let us know which of these items you are able to fund, or contribute to funding.

Thank you once again, from all of us, for your generosity and commitment to saving lives. It is only through your kindness that we are able to provide our community with the best medical care possible seven days a week 24 hours a day.

Gail G. Thomas, President                   Luke Tharasri, CEO                        Dan Smith, Chairman

Videos for Capital Campaign:

“How’s the Hospital Doing?”  

Equipment Needed        




 64-slice-ct-scanner  Replacement. Radiology equipment designed to allow visualization of the entire body. A vital necessity for trauma cases and stroke victims. Current unit is ending its useful life. It must be replaced. This first phase will include architectural design for placement, external plug and all electrical needed for preparation of and rental of newer CT SCANNER mobile unit while construction for permanent scanner is in place.



sterilizerUpgrade.  This machine is needed to sterilize more surgical instruments quickly and more efficiently.



surgical-lightingUpgrade. Simplified surgical lighting. Needed in the Operating Room to provide one focused energy point which minimizes adjustment and allows for focus on patient.