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SWMF Board Members

Gail Thomas

Dennis Colthurst


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Gail G. Thomas

Vice President

Gail Thomas has held major management and consulting positions in the public and private sector including Duke University Medical School and consultant to NIH. She has been active in community service serving as Director for Restorative Resources, Rotary, Red Cross, YWCA, and church organizations. Gail has been a Foundation member since 2007.

Eira Klich-Heartt (2)

Eira Klich-Heartt


Eira I. Klich-Heartt graduated nursing school from Mt. St. Mary’s College in 1974. Her interest in holistic nursing has come through an interest in botanicals and common health practices from childhood. She began studying anthroposophical nursing by attending conferences in the 1990s in America as well as Switzerland. She has studied massage practice as well as music therapy. In 2003, she graduated from Dominican University with a Masters in Nursing Science, Integrative Nursing Clinical Nurse Specialist. She has completed her Doctor in Nursing Practice with an emphasis on health systems leadership. She has taught at the ADN, BSN and MSN levels. She is an emeritus faculty and teaches for SRJC as well as working in the PACU.

Vicchi Oleski

Vicchi Oleski

Vicchi Oleski joined our Board in 2018, after being a dedicated and active volunteer for the cause of wellness in West County, and is visionary, promoter for Health, Beauty and Well-Being, advocate for personal development, and dedicated community leader spanning 33 years.


Joan Marler

Joan Marler is the Executive Director of the Institute of Archaeomythology, an international organization of scholars investigating the arts, beliefs, and rituals of prehistoric societies. She has organized numerous international conferences and symposia on archaeomythological themes and is the editor of The Journal of Archaeomythology, among other publications. Joan taught folk and ethnic dance through Santa Rosa Junior College for 28 years. From 2006-2016 she owned and operated French Garden Restaurant in Sebastopol with her husband, Dan Smith.

Susan Moulton

Susan Moulton, (M.A., PhD: Stanford University), Professor Emerita, Sonoma State University has lived on her small farm in Sebastopol in Sonoma County with a variety of rescued animals for almost 50 years. She was Chair of the Art Department and later of the SSU faculty where she engaged in over three decades of Strategic Planning for the campus in addition to teaching more than 100 different courses. She is the author of many articles on a variety of topics and is currently researching, writing and lecturing around the world on Animal Behavior, Cognitive Ethology, and the Decoding of 40,000 year old cave paintings in Southern France. She has supported the Palm Drive/SWMC Hospital since its inception, noting that many years ago having it nearby saved her life.

Robin Birdfeather

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Libby Flower

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Randy Coffman

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Natalie McNamara

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Alondra Gutting

Office Administrator.