Our Impact

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We’re keeping high-quality emergency care and hospital services in Sebastopol

The Sebastopol hospital’s closure cost residents, those in surrounding communities, and residents and visitors to the Sonoma Coast, access to nearby medical services. The hospital was also one of the area’s largest employers. SWMF has determined that our community has the need, the will, and the ability through a large pool of extraordinary individuals, necessary to retain local emergency and hospital services.

Sonoma West Medical Foundation donations are getting the job done!

SWMF raised the funds needed to open the new Sonoma West Medical Center, nearly $9 million, with a focus on new technologies that lower costs and improve patient services. SWMF is committed to raising more than $1 million a year for enhancements and innovation at the Medical Center. West County residents recognize the benefits the hospital brings to the area’s quality of life.

A local hospital is extremely important to the health and well-being of the community

Our hospital brings huge economic value and is invaluable during emergencies. SWMC is well-located above the flood plain and away from known fault zones. After the August 2014 South Napa 6.0 earthquake we saw that more than 200 people sought treatment at their local hospital, some with critical injuries and one requiring life flight to a trauma center.

A modest-size hospital can be patient-centered and appreciated with generous community support

Palm Drive, the Sebastopol hospital, was nationally recognized for high-quality patient care and satisfaction and, with its helipad (1 of 3 at county hospitals), served as a critical link during the most serious life-threatening emergencies for patients needing transfer to burn centers, pediatric trauma centers, etc. The new Medical Center is building on a history of excellence and adding the latest thinking and technology. West County residents have many years of generous support of hospital with donations and service.

The new Sonoma West Medical Center is drawing on a proven model of success

SWMC has a marketing strategy based on a model that includes expanding on Palm Drive’s reputation for top-quality service, offering a mix of in-demand specialty services, and outreach to spread the message of the availability and desirability of using SWMC for acute and elective treatment.

The Medical Center again will be a certified Primary Stroke Center in Sonoma County and will promote the 24 hour a day availability of this quality option. Elective treatments serve patients who appreciate quality health care, both from within Sonoma County and beyond.

We’re creating a Center of Excellence in West County

SWMC has 16 single-bed patient rooms, 2 two-bed observation rooms, 5 ICU beds, 2 operating theatres, a 5-bed No Wait Emergency Department, a helipad for arriving and transferring patients via REACH Air Medical Services helicopter, a large range of surgical services, 24-hour laboratory services, a pharmacy, a community meeting room, a gift shop, and a café focused on organic- and local-food choices. A full range of medical imaging services are available including X-Ray, Ultra-sound, MRI, 3D Mammogram, bone density and CT scans.

Specialty institutes enrich the services Sonoma West Medical Center offers and create a unique mix of therapeutic options

Specialty institute plans are still evolving, refer to the Medical Center’s website for the latest information: Sonoma West Medical Center. The Neurology Institute works with memory disorders, migraine, balance, and a range of neurological concerns. Another institute is Integrated Health, which offers the services of hospital-certified traditional healing arts practitioners such as acupuncture, massage, Reiki, nutrition education, and mind/body therapies to enhance patient care.

West Sonoma County is the first district in California to re-open its shuttered hospital!

Over the past 10 years, more than 100 hospitals have closed across the country, and the number is increasing. Despite a Consumer Reports rating of #1 in California and #5 in the nation, Palm Drive suffered just such a fate. The West County community did not take the hospital closure lying down. After a collaborative effort between community members, donors, and doctors, Sonoma West Medical Center was born, the first district hospital in California ever to reopen after being closed.

Sonoma West’s new, progressive and sustainable healthcare model—with its updated facilities, no-wait ER, specialty institutes, electronic record keeping and telemedicine technology—will bring us into the future.

Sonoma West Medical Center and Medical Foundation have broad support across the community, and deep support from a large pool of uniquely active, well-educated, and informed West County citizens

Sebastopol has had a local hospital for more than 70 years and many community members appreciate the services (or employment) that they have received there. As of May, 2015 SWMC has received more than 80 requests from doctors for credentials for hospital privileges or for hospital based practices.

There are many options for supporting Sonoma West Medical Foundation

SWMF is a 501(c)(3) corporation and donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Visit our donation page for easy online contributions or to reach us by mail, including options for repeating monthly contributions and memorial/honor of donations. We will contact your employer if you indicate that the company offers matching funds.

Please contact us directly for legacy donations. We appreciate your interest and want to hear from you with your support or questions. Please get in touch with us through our website or by telephone and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]