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Lecture Series

Distinguished Lecture Series – June 2019

June 17, 2019

The Foundation is hosting a very important lecture this week providing invaluable information that each one of us needs to know. You are welcome to attend this FREE event. Please join us and bring your friends and family! 2019 Distinguished Lecture Series RECOGNIZING SYMPTOMS OF STROKE, HEART DISEASE and HEART ATTACKS in both Women and…

Supporting West Sonoma County's Access to Medical Care and Education

Mission Statement:


The Sonoma West Foundation shall be dedicated primarily to activities which contribute to the health status of residents in Sebastopol and Western Sonoma County such as health improvement activities, medical care and education around issues of health and well-being. In addition, this non-profit Foundation is formed for the purpose of performing all things incidental to, or appropriate in, the achievement of the foregoing specific and primary charitable purposes. In the achievement of these goals we are committed to mutual respect and collaboration focused on the common good; responsible stewardship and accountability; financial and moral support of Health Care in West County; and empowering inclusive community action through conversation, dialog, outreach and opportunity. We view ourselves as inclusive of diverse points of view and open to working for all residents of West County regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.


20 Years of Dedicated Service

Please continue the tradition of this independent and unique region of West County by coming together as a community and supporting the Foundation with your donation.

Together we are a strong, healthy and resilient community.

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